3430 W. 10th St.
The Dalles, OR. 97058
541-298-PAWS (7297)

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Office Hours
Mon. - Fri.
8:30am - 5:30pm
Sat. - Sun.
12:00pm - 5:00pm
*Sat. - Sun.
8:30am - 9:00am
(*for boarding pick-up &
drop-off only)

Our office is closed for pick up and drop off on the following days:
Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day, and will close early on Christmas eve and New Years eve.

Eagle Caves Pet Resort is staffed, monitored and security surveilled 24/7

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“We have been taking our new addition Akira to Eagle Caves for about 6 months.” More...

“We have been taking our new addition Akira to Eagle Caves for about 6 months. So thankful to Greg and Annie for their great care and knowledge. We take her for daycare and boarding if she can't go with us. Its nice to know she is in a safe and caring environment. Greg and Annie are awesome. Would be lost without Eagle Caves pet resort! ”

‎ - June 30, 2016

“AMAZING! My pets are my kids--like most.” More...

“AMAZING! My pets are my kids--like most. We have used Eagle Caves 3 times now. They keep great track of previous issues with pets--for example. We hadn't been there for several months and Greg remembered that one of our dogs had back issues at his last visit and asked us about it when we dropped them off last week. I couldn't believe what great details they keep track of. They also sent great detailed emails of how our boys were doing--and he described their routine which was spot on with their normal routine, made me confident that they were really being cared for and observed, not just in a room and then outside a few times. So happy to have them in our vacation planning tool box!”

‎ - Sept 27, 2015

“We have been leaving our Schnauzer "Guiness" with Greg and Anne” More...

“We have been leaving our Schnauzer "Guiness" with Greg and Anne for many years now. When he goes in he seems to know where he is going and doesn't hesitate to go into the facility. He comes home clean, free of smell and fleas. They also have good grooming available who can handle a old toothless dog with his tongue hanging out.LOL We highly recommend this place for your animals when you travel.They care!”

‎ - Oct 29, 2014

“Thank you for taking such awesome care of Punkin Pie” more...

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking such awesome care of Punkin Pie while we were in California. She was not traumatized at all that we were gone. She obviously had a great time. Thanks for your genuine loving care of my pup! You are the BEST!!!!!!!! Every time I bring my little pup to you folks for a groom or daycare or boarding, I always know she is in great hands. It is obvious to me your love and kindness and compassion of animals. Always a pleasant experience and very comparably priced. Thanks again!”

‎ - July 16, 2014

“We have boarded our small dog here a few times” more...

“We have boarded our small dog here a few times and have been very happy with the great customer service, grooming and health of our dog after his stay. We especially love the dog report card, which details the activities of our dog's stay, as well as the friends he has made during his stay. (We also appreciate the updates on how he is doing during extended boarding times). The kennels are also much roomier than any other place we've used, and the facility has been very clean each time we have been there. We have only good things to say about Eagle Caves Pet Resort. A special thanks to Greg who takes a lot of time to answer questions and alleviate any worries you might have about leaving your pooch!”

‎ - January 1, 2013

“The Gorge was needing an affordable quality pet facility” more...

“The Gorge was needing an affordable quality pet facility like this! I'm really glad Eagle Caves opened in W. The Dalles, our 2 dogs love it every time! Nice and professional staff, they truly care about our furry kids. Highly recommend!“

Foxy Wolf
‎ - May 21, 2012

“My 4 dogs and 17 year old cat have stayed at Eagle Caves” more...

“My 4 dogs and 17 year old cat have stayed at Eagle Caves on various occasions, my wife and I are very pleased with the service and care my pets receive during their stay. I will definitely be recommending them to all my friends. Duke,Chico,Jessie and Mia just loved the grooming service and looked and smelled terrific.”

‎ - April 16, 2012

“What did you do to Lucky?” more...

“What did you do to Lucky?!?!?!?!? He went in a pup, one who wanted to mouth and jump all over me. He came out a much calmer, more mature creature. He hasn't tried to mouth me once. After the initial greeting at the Pet Resort, he hasn't jumped on me. Thanks to your crate training, he can now sleep in the house. (He whined for about 10 minutes the first night but not at all the second night!) He made more progress in his time with you than the entire two and a half months he had lived with me. I'm not sure if you did some training in addition to the crate training or if he just matured with all the socialization with other dogs. Either way, I'm glad he'll be able to join you for a refresher on Saturday.”

‎ - January 28, 2013

“My dog Yoter LOVES Eagle Caves” more...

“My dog Yoter LOVES Eagle Caves. He literally runs right into the building and into the arms of Annie. It's like his second home! He goes to daycare twice a week and has boarded there a few times as well. The facility is spotless and the owners truly care about your pet. I would highly recommend.”

‎ - Jul 25, 2011

“Zues absolutley loves the resort” more...

“Zues absolutley loves the resort. They give him love and attention and he gets to play all day long. They even have a doggie swimming pool !!!“

‎ - Jun 21, 2011

“Great place to take your pet! My Scotty loved her spa day!” more...

“Great place to take your pet! My Scotty loved her spa day!!!! New to the area and found Eagle Caves on the web. The resort is clean and everyone was so friendly... highly recommend! Thank you Annie and Diane... Sally loved her day with you!”

‎ - Jan 16, 2011

“Great New Kennel Every aspect of Eagle caves pet resort is excellent” more...

“Great New Kennel Every aspect of Eagle caves pet resort is excellent, extremely friendly owners, clean facility and handy! We left our dog for 4 days and upon picking her up she had enjoyed a complimentary bath, and didn't appear at all stressed! I highly recommend this place!”

Satisfied Customer
- Aug 29, 2010

“I brought my dog Ella in for a groom last week” More...

“I brought my dog Ella in for a groom last week. Ella is a standard poodle and i am very picky about her haircuts. Ella was done being groomed within a few hours and her coat looked great. Best haircut she has had yet! I highly recommend Sonya at Eagle Caves Pet Resort for your next groom. Fair price too...”

‎ - Oct 27, 2011

“We hadn't planned on using doggy daycare, but” More...

“We hadn't planned on using doggy daycare, but when our 8 month old great dane started eating the couch we had no choice. I am now SO happy we had to do it. Astro loves going to daycare and the socialization he gets with the other dogs is well worth the price we pay. It is also wonderful to come home from work and have a puppy who is so completely wiped out from playing all day that he immediately finds his bed and is out for the rest of the night. Even once his couch loving days are over we will still send him to daycare at least once a week. I am also happy to help support a local business who I hope is able to continue serving its community members for many years to come.”

‎ - Feb 12, 2011

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